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Ta5 Podcast - Joel Davis - DIY Conference

Few people realize that a 140 year old business has a software development lab in Greenville, SC. Although they have a couple of hundred tech people all over the world, they’ve got fifty or so in Greenville, SC. In this episode of the Tech After Five podcast, we talk to Joel Davis of Follett School Solutions about how it came to be that there has been a group of Follett developers in Greenville for over 14 years.

He also shares with us the beginnings of the DIY Conference, a conference organized by Follett employees to help them build skills and then pass them along to their far flung peers. Joel tells us how one of those presentations changed company culture. The internal success of the conference has led them to expand it, in part, to invite outsiders to join them as they talk about software development in their company.

So, listen to the podcast, and be sure to sign up for the DIY Conference on May 1. The public session is from 1pm to 5pm with a break and then with additional evening sessions. It’s free and open to software development professionals that would like to meet some peers and learn about the day to day operations of real live developers.

Our Guest:

Joel Davis of Follett Software Solutions. Also an organizer of their DIY Conference.

Your hosts:

Phil Yanov is the Founder and Lead Community Organizer of Tech After Five.

Scott Pfeiffer helps entrepreneurs succeed and partnerships thrive @ Mind Your Own Business. (NB: Scott is missing from this episode, but he’ll be back next week!)

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