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Ta5 Podcast with Chris Merritt

One of my favorite CoWorking spaces to visit is Atlas Local. There is a really special sense of community in this location. It's the people, of course. That doesn't happen by accident. Atlas Local has both endured and grown and they continue to host a space that is beautiful, inspirational, and supportive. One of the features of this space are regular Zero Day meetings. You might think we're talking about cyber security gotchas, but you'd be exactly wrong. The founders of Atlas Local stole the concept of Zero Days from their hiking friends. Listen as Chris Merritt explains the philosophy of their coworking space and how that has led them to host yet another Greenville Grok conference. They want to Make Great Internet and want to find other people who share that goal and join in a conversation with them.

Check out Chris, Atlas Local and the upcoming Greenville Grok conference!

Our Guest:

Chris Merritt is a Project Manager at Faculty, Managing Partner at Atlas Local and one of the organizers of Greenville Grok.

Your hosts:

Phil Yanov is the Founder and Lead Community Organizer of Tech After Five.

Scott Pfeiffer helps entrepreneurs succeed and partnerships thrive @ Mind Your Own Business.

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