Seven Tips for Building Your Personal Brand (In Person)

Phil Yanov & Scott Pfeiffer practicing personal branding.

Phil Yanov & Scott Pfeiffer practicing personal branding.

Do you feel like people don't know who you are? Do you feel like even people who do know you well can't tell their friends what you do?

It may be that you haven't established a personal brand.

After all, even your friends, colleagues, and even family can’t help you attract the customers, investors, or talent you need if they can’t even describe what you do. And strangers can’t help you or do business with you if your message is a muddled mess.

But in our noisy, social media filled world, how can you be heard by the people who need you?

The good news is, there is an audience that is completely ready to get you. There are people out there who need you ... even desperately. They just need to know how you can help them.

In this episode of the Tech After Five podcast, Phil Yanov and Scott Pfeiffer riff about an article on personal branding. It's easy to get this wrong. It's also easy to start getting it right by following just a few of the ideas enclosed.

The most important thing? Get started now.  Let us talk to you about how.

If you’ve not started building a personal brand, we give you some actionable advice on how to get started. If you’ve already begun, then maybe these tips will help you accelerate your efforts. Whether you are stopped, stuck or started on your personal branding journey, we’ve got some help that will move you forward. Listen up. And then do something with it. We’d love to hear your story.

Your hosts for this episode:

Phil Yanov is the Founder and Lead Community Organizer of Tech After Five. (

Scott Pfeiffer helps entrepreneurs succeed and partnerships thrive @ Mind Your Own Business.


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