How to Get Your Next Tech Job in Charleston

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Want to know how to move your tech career forward? There are lots of people trying to help.  We invite Richard Sykora from Blackbaud to talk about how he came to SC, how he finds the people he needs, and how he has become part of the RestartSC organization that helps all types of job seekers prepare themselves for the next step in their career.  This information is valuable whether you are looking for your first job or are mid-career.  RestartSC is a volunteer group of professionals of all ages from various industries and backgrounds. Their team consists of human resources experts, retired executives, and business professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds. All ReStart activities are free to participants. This includes their upcoming conference on Saturday, March 30, 2019. (By the way, they have group meetings year round, so even if you miss the conference, you'll get value out of their organization and listening to this podcast.) . Check out RestartSC at their website. 

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Phil Yanov is the Founder and Lead Community Organizer of Tech After Five.

Scott Pfeiffer helps entrepreneurs succeed and partnerships thrive @ Mind Your Own Business.